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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: Tweak-7 v1.0 Build 1108 (x86) Multilingual  (อ่าน 362 ครั้ง)
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Permalink: Tweak-7 v1.0 Build 1108 (x86) Multilingual
Tweak-7 v1.0 Build 1108 (x86) Multilingual

Tweak-7 v1.0 Build 1108 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 35 Mb

Tweak - 7 เป็นการเพิ่มประสิทธิภาพและเครื่องมืออื่น ๆ ที่ใช้ในการปรับแต่งแบบครอบคลุม ซึ่งง่ายต่อการทำความสะอาดรีจิสทรีที่ซับซ้อนและรวดเร็วและจัดระเบียบรีจิสตรีและทำความสะอาดระบบครบวงจร

weak-7 feature list

- Hundreds of tweaks
Tweak-7 includes hundreds of tweaks to optimize and customize Windows 7 to your very personal needs.
- Cleanup your system
Scan your system for unneeded files, old system update backups, and a lot more to set free hundreds of GB on your hard disk.
- Cleanup your registry
The included registry cleaner automatically scans your system registry for dead data and errors.
- Defragment your registry
Cleanup and defrag your system registry for fastest and optimized system performance
- Easy and secure tweaking
Just a few mouse clicks are required in order to activate performance tweaks. No geek knowledge required!
- Transfer your tweaks
Create tweak snapshots and use them to transfer tweaks and customizations to other machines running Windows 7 and Tweak-7.
- Auto-optimize Windows 7
Tweak-7 includes an auto optimizer which optimizes Windows 7 with the most common speed improvement tweaks.
- Detailed system information
Tweak-7 includes a system information feature displaying 3D system and performance information
- Access lost Microsoft Product keys
Lost any of your Microsoft Windows, or Microsoft Office CD keys? Tweak-7 will get them back.
- View Hard Disk statistics
Tweak-7 provides detailed hard disk statistics on all your installed drives.
- Disallow access to certain drives
With the included features you can restrict access to drives and folders.
- CPU tweaks included
Tweak-7 automatically tweaks Windows 7 to work perfectly with your specific CPU.
- CD/DVD drive tweaks
Optimizes the cache of your CD/DVD drives.
- Memory Optimizer included
Optimize your physical memory (RAM) for better performance if you run low on RAM.
- RAM Disk Drive
Create a RAM Disk Drive of up to 256 MB for fastest access to files (available on 32bit systems only).
- Virtual drives
Easily turn any folder on your hard drive into a disk drive!
- Control Windows Error Reporting and much more
Along with heaps of miscellaneous system tweaks you and control the Windows Error Reporting, time sync settings, OEM information ...
- Change system folder settings
Easily change the location of system and user folders.
- Control panel tweaks
Restrict access to control panel items, hide control panel features, and much more.
- Control auto starts
Control what is started automatically with your system - disable and remove autostarts.
- Auto logon and auto shutdown
Enable auto login and auto shutdown features for Windows 7.
- Application tweaks
Heaps of tweaks and customizations for Windows Applications.
- Application restrictions
Get more control over the features of Windows 7 with the includes application restrictions.
- Start menu tweaks
Heaps of tweaks to customize the look and feel of your Windows 7 start menu: hide items, show items.
- Task bar tweaks
Get control over your Windows 7 task bar and tweak it the way you want it.
- Desktop tweaks
Change the desktop style, enable heaps of desktop related tweaks, manage DWM settings.
- Customize the desktop context menu
Include your favorite applications to the desktop context menu for fastest access
- Shortcut overlay icons
Remove the annoying desktop shortcut overlay icons or set up your own.
- Outlook and Windows mail tweaks
Control Outlook attachment settings and tweak Microsoft Outlook
- Internet Explorer tweaks and restrictions
Tweak IE to the max and restrict access to it.
- Windows Utilities
Get quick access to the most useful Windows 7 utilities


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