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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: SpeedFan 4.49 โปรแกรมเช็คอุณหภูมิเครื่อง ปรับความเร็วพัดลม  (อ่าน 105 ครั้ง)
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Permalink: SpeedFan 4.49 โปรแกรมเช็คอุณหภูมิเครื่อง ปรับความเร็วพัดลม
SpeedFan 4.49   โปรแกรมเช็คอุณหภูมิเครื่อง ปรับความเร็วพัดลม

SpeedFan is a system monitoring tool that can detect and display your PCs fan speeds, motherboard and hard drive temperature, system voltages, hard drive status and more. And it's able to control fan speeds according to the temperature of other components, helping you to reduce system noise.
Launching the program on our test PC, for instance, displayed a host of useful information: CPU type, the temperature of each core, the system temperature, the speeds of all four system fans, and voltages including Vcore, +12V and AVcc.
Click the Chart tab and you're able to plot graphs showing how these figures change over time, very useful if your PC is misbehaving and you think it might be overheating. Leave SpeedFan running in the background, run something that will exercise your system - a fast 3D game, say - then check the SpeedFan chart to find out exactly what's going on.
A S.M.A.R.T. tab is supposed to show you the status of your hard drives, assuming they support the S.M.A.R.T. monitoring system: you'll get to see details like the current drive temperature, spin-up time, read errors and so on. This didn't work for us as the program didn't even recognise our hard drives for some reason, but you may be more lucky.
And if you'd like to do more than just monitor what's happening, you may be able to set up SpeedFan to vary your fan speeds depending on what's happening elsewhere in the system, although again the success of this will depend on how well the program works with your individual hardware.
Recent changes include:
- fixed a typo that caused ACPI temperatures to be reported wrongly on some Windows 7
- changed the name of the installer to improve compatibility with Windows 8
SpeedFan is a useful tool for overclockers, or anyone who wants to track the temperature of various PC components

Download-SpeedFan 4.49

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